Morgan Brennan is a favorable journalist at Forbes, as well as a weekly guest on Forbes on Fox where she discusses the Real Estate Market and its national trends, from lower priced homes to the most prestigious properties across the country.

Brennan is an Anthropology graduate from NYU, who has worked at Forbes Video as a news reporter and anchor as well.  She has a diverse skill set and is highly motivated, both personally and professionally having starred in several Wendy’s commercials as a child, in addition to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Having been both a tenant and homeowner in New York, she has had hands-on experience in the housing market.  Moreover, in addition to her regular appearances on Forbes on Fox, she is often a guest on Weekends with Alex Witt, where business headlines are discussed on MSNBC.  Morgan Brennan is dedicated to her work and brings world-class flair and a sexy dynamic to her profession.